Guesthouse Hjalgrímsstova

Welcome to our lovely little guest house which is the epitome of coziness and charm.

The house is built out of love for this place which we always have called Paradise. It is here that we have enjoyed ourselves with the family during our holidays.

The house was built in 2017 and is built on the base of the old house that was removed. We have kept the things that we could from the old house and used them as decorative inputs in the new house. It was important for us to get as much soul and coziness into the new house as possible and we are very satisfied with the result.

Come and enjoy the wild raw nature with the sunny valley surrounded by the high mountains. The view over the sea with Tindhólm in the background is no less than dazzling. Whether you see Tindhólm in sunshine or fascinated fog, you will experience the magnificent nature of Gásadalur.

The house is divided into four double bedrooms (Two on each floor), two bathrooms (One on each floor), a living room which is located on the top floor and a kitchen on the bottom floor.

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The view over the Atlantic Ocean with Tindhólm in the background
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