Welcome to Gásadalsgarð

Gásadalsgarður was built in 2017 and consists of Café and Guest House.

Gásadalsgarður is located on the island of Vágar in the ideal old village Gásadalur which has become world famous for the admirable waterfall Múlafossur, which is one of the most photographed places in the Faroe Islands.

We can offer a unique experience of one of the most beautiful places in the Faroe Islands.

Enjoy the view over the sea with Mykines and Tindhólm in the background and experience the wild raw nature and fresh air.

In the café we offer Faroese bread, fish plates and cakes. We also sell coffee, tea, beer and soft drinks.

What is special about our café is that in the autumn the café is converted into a slaughterhouse where we slaughter our sheep and calves. For this innovative idea, we won 2018 the great prize for New thinking that is given by the Entrepreneur House.

Grab the unique opportunity and take an overnight stay in our guesthouse Hjalgrímsstova and wake up to silence and unspoiled nature.

The guest house has 4 double rooms, 2 bathrooms, living room and kitchen.

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We have been nominated for NORDIC FOOD AWARD 2019 for the innovative idea to start using bull calves in our food production that would otherwise be killed at birth. The calves grow large in the green grass of Gásadal and are slaughtered in the autumn. Then, the meat is hung up in dryhouses to be fermentet. We use the meat in our famous RÆST Soup.

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